Happy National Ice Cream Day!!


Happy National Ice Cream Day!

So, I’m eating healthy, which means no processed sugars, but I wasn’t about to skip this important day! Solution: Homemade Vegan Protein Ice Cream! I made in both Chocolate Banana and Strawberry Banana flavours! They are both absolutely delicious! They have the consistency of soft ice cream. Considering the fact that I don’t really like ice cream, and I really loved these, that says a lot! And they were so easy to make! Y’all should definitely try them! My non-vegan family even loved them!

Whether you have regular ice cream or vegan ice cream, enjoy your Ice Cream Day!


Little moments

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Most of the time we are occupied with the big things in life, but the little things in life should also be enjoyed. And sometimes that little thing, is hugging a plush dog.

This post really has no point, but it’s still true.

A Long Absence!


Hey, everyone!! I’m back!!!

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged! Where did the time go? It’s seems like so much has happened in these 12 months, but then it’s seems like nothing did. Is that weird?

Let me give y’all a quick rundown of what my life has looked like since you last heard from me.

As y’all may remember, I mentioned that I was doing volunteer work. I will now say that it was for a presidential campaign, and the campaign was too short-lived for my liking, obviously.

I then volunteered for a start-up faith-based organization, but I had a few disagreements with them and moved on.

After that I volunteered for another presidential campaign, for exactly 3 months, before that campaign too came to an end. I have my suspicions that I’m bad luck. Haha!

That was about 3 months ago, after that I once again refocused on spending my extra time crocheting hats and scarves for our Troops.

So, you see why I say it’s seems like so much, but yet nothing at all has happened? It seemed like a lot while it was happening, but condensing it, makes it seem trivia

I’ll try blog more often, about the usual crafts, baking & cooking, films and book reading stuff.

Hoping to catch up on all my lovelies blogs, soon………and stay caught up!