NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day: Week Four

Fourth week of Lion Brand stitch-a-day for National Crochet Month.

Wednesday, March 25
Petite Popcorns


This is a nice little stitch that would probably make a nice baby blanket

Thursday, March 26
Poppy Square

I totally love this one! I must make an Afghan using this pattern!

Friday, March 27
Fair Isle

This took me several hours to make, but it was totally worth if cause I love the look!

Saturday, March 28
Star Mesh

This one was so easy to make, if only all of them had been!

Sunday, March 29
Multi-Colored Quatrefoil

This one is nice, it was also easy!

Monday, March 30
Coral Trellis Square

I chose this one, I was going to do the one Lion Brand posted, but the more I saw what the end result was going to be, the more I began to loath it. So this was my choice and I like it, so there! Haha!

Tuesday, March 31

This one was simple, I think if the pattern were to be made larger, it would make a nice dishcloth.

So today was the last day of this stitch-a-day thingy! YAY! I had a lot of fun crocheting all these new stitches, but I’m also glad it’s over!

Now I can continue crocheting those blankets for The Worlds Biggest Stocking! I’ve only completed one, and I’m currently working on two. The stocking is still only at 10%, so they still have quite a bit to go, to complete it!


So back to crocheting I go!

Happy Crocheting!!

Peace and Blessings……


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