NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day: Week Three

Third week of Lion Brand’s stitch-a-day for National Crochet Month.

Wednesday, March 18

Reversible Mesh SAD 17 This stitch was like as easy as it gets! I finished crocheting it in 15 minutes, complete with weaving in the ends!! And it’s not a bad-looking stitch either, it would actually make a very nice warm weather scarf!

Thursday, March 19

Twinkle, Twinkle SAD 18 This may be made in double crochet stitches, but the switching back and forth color pattern gives it a fabulous look!

Friday, March 20

Rendez-Vous SAD 19 Although I can’t figure out why it is named ‘Rendez-Vous’ it has a nice look to it, which would probably be quite suitable for a top.

Saturday, March 21

All In A Row SAD 20 This one is made in single and double crochet stitches, just All In A Row…. I can’t think of an actual project I would ever use this on, but it was fun to make.

Sunday, March 22

Shell Stitch SAD 21 Lion Brand posted three variations of the ‘Shell’ stitch on their Facebook page. I had already done one of them, and I was planning on doing the other two, but I ended up doing only one cause I got lazy! It happens…….often. Haha!

Monday, March 23

Two-Tone Double Crochet Star SAD 22 This is a nice looking pattern, which if one would just continue the pattern, it would make a great baby blanket. Alternating colors would probably make it look even better!

Tuesday, March 24

Wildflower SAD 23 I really like this one! An Afghan out of blocks like this one would be perfect!

Well, that’s week three of this stitch-a-day thing, just a few more days to go!! Yay!

Oh, just to let you all know, my back is doing much better! I still can’t move around as much as I’d like, but the pain has decreased immensely! Thank you all very much for your concerns!

Peace and Blessings……


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