NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day: Week One

As promised here are the crochet stitches I learned this past week, for Lion Brand’s stitch-a-day for National Crochet Month!

Monday, March 2

The “Chevron” Stitch SAD 1

I don’t much like this one, but that could be because I spend so much time on it, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the pattern instructions. But, it would be a great pattern for a scarf, which I may try……once I stop loathing it!

Tuesday, March 3

The “Scallop” Stitch SAD 2

I love this pattern! I’ve used it before, for a scarf for my mum.

Wednesday, March 4

The “Playblocks” Stitch SAD 3

This one was supposed to be in multiple colors, but I was just plain lazy and didn’t feel like switching! But, I do like this stitch!

Thursday, March 5

The “Diagonal Stripes” Stitch SAD 4

This is a nice stitch, I think I may use it for a scarf…… day.

Friday, March 6

The “Gilded Fans” Stitch SAD 5

I love the lacy look of this one, and it was fairly easy to make.

Saturday, March 7

The “Crochet Cable” Stitch SAD 6

This one was a fun and easy stitch…….well, easy once I figured out everything I was doing wrong with the pattern.

Sunday, March 8

The “Lace Ripple” Stitch SAD 7 This is a nice looking stitch, totally not me, but it’s nice.

Monday, March 9

The “Checkerboard” Stitch SAD 8

Now this was an easy stitch to make! I may use it in the future, I don’t know for what, but yeah……

Tuesday, March 10

The “Scallop Stripes” Stitch SAD 9

This is a very pretty stitch, I think it would make a nice edging for a blanket.

Even if I never use these stitches for anything, I’m learning how to follow pattern instructions without my mind wandering off, I’m very good at that ya know! haha

It’s a bit late, but if you’d like to join me in doing the stitch-a-day, you can find Lion Brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They are posting the daily stitch on all of those.

I may post something later this week, and if not, I’ll see y’all next week.

Peace and Blessings……


6 thoughts on “NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day: Week One

  1. Thanks for sharing. I too never realised there were so many crochet stitches. Like the cable one best, but then I’m a big fan of cables in knitting. Getting a little frustrated seeing all your lovely swatches that I can’t get round to learning to crochet yet. Mind – I’m being realistic there, too much ‘life’ going on at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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