NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day

March is National Crochet Month (I just learned this today, never knew there was such a thing before)! And Lion Brand is celebrating with a stitch a day! So, I’ve decided to join them!

Today’s stitch was “Fanfare.”

DSCN4761 (2)

Every Tuesday I will blog the stitches I learned the previous week. I chose Tuesday because that is the day the month of March ends.

If you’d like to join in also, you can find Lion Brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They should be posting the daily stitch on all of those, daily. Just use their StitchFinder for each new stitch they post.

I had lots of fun learning today’s stitch. And I can’t wait to see what other stitching I will be learning this month!

Happy Crocheting!!

Peace and Blessings……


6 thoughts on “NatCroMo Lion Brand Stitch a Day

  1. There’s a crochet month?!? Awesome! That’s such a pretty stitch, I’ve never done it before. I actually don’t know many crochet patterns, even though I’ve made a million afghans and scarves and shawls. 8-|

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    • Yeah, I had no idea there was such a month, but I did barely start becoming more active online, regarding crocheting, so I’m still learning what’s there and what’s not. I don’t know many patterns either, which is why I’m so excited about this! I’ve made mostly hats and scarves, which I usually used the same pattern for all of them. Once I memorize one I’m too lazy to memorize another. haha!

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  2. I promised I will learn to crochet this year, but I’m afraid i’s not going to be during March – so unfortunately National Crochet moth has come too early for me. A stitch a day is a brilliant idea. Look forward to seeing you stitches and will come back to learn when I do get to grips with the crochet hook.


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