World’s Biggest Stocking Participant!

So, yesterday I learned that Caron United is making the World’s Biggest Stocking!

What they are doing is asking people to donate 3 x 3 ft. knit and crochet blankets, and those blankets will then be sewn together to create the stocking.

Then after the stocking is complete, it will be disassembled and the donated blankets will be given to military charities!

Red, white, and/or green blankets are preferable, because it is a stocking, but they are accepting blankets in any color.


I am really excited about this! Not only do I get to partake in making the World’s Biggest Stocking, but I will also be making blankets for military charities! Just a FYI, military charities are my favorite! It’s all about giving back!

I even already have yarn in the preferred colors!


I’ve had this yarn for about 4 years, and I was just thinking about using it to make Granny Squares, next week! So the timing of my finding out about this project is perfect! It’s like the signs for me to participate are all there!

I’ll make the first blanket – yes, first! I plan on making several! – using this yarn, then I’ll order some Caron United yarn. The great thing about Caron United yarn is that 15 cents per skein is donated to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation!

The mission of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is to provide educational counseling and college scholarships to American military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

You can learn some of what they do in this video.

The project of making the stocking began in November, I think, and only 10% of it has been completed, so I’m hoping that others will join me in making blankets.

If you do participate and you don’t think I explained things clearly, you can read all the info about it here.

Well, off I go, to start crocheting!

Peace and Blessings……


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