In the Kitchen: Sufganiyot

It’s Chanukah and I didn’t make any fried food until today – which is usually not the case, I usually make it all week-long and then feel sick at the end of the week, I don’t eat much fried food any other time.

For lunch I made some Chicken Schnitzel, I didn’t take a photo of it, don’t ask me why. And no I didn’t eat any, I’m vegetarian, remember?

This evening I made Sufganiyot, that I did take a photo of.


I made both jelly filled and plain.

I’ve made several different Sufganiyot recipes, and this is the best, by far! And I can’t even share the recipe with you all, since I got it from a book and I’m very big on observing copy right laws. But, I will tell you the name of the book 1,000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy, this is always my go to book when I want to make a Jewish recipe.

I’ve been making Sufganiyot for I think 4 years now, and the ones I made this year were the best! So soft! And so easy to make, I usually take forever, and today it took me in total about 45 minutes! Not long for something so delicious!

I hope all those celebrating Chanukah have enjoyed their special holiday.

Peace and Blessings……


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