My Year In Books 2014


I’ve seen other people blogging about the books they read in 2014, so I thought I’d do it too.

Alright I’ll start in the order in which they were read.

1. Jackie After Jack

2. Camelot at Dawn

3. What Jackie Taught Us

4.  Lone Survivor

5.  Why Courage Matters

6 – 12. Harry Potter Series

13. The Book Thief

14. Anne Frank: The Dairy of a Young Girl

15. To Kill a Mockingbird

16 – 20. A Song of Ice and Fire Series

21 – 27. The Chronicles of Narnia Series

28 – 37. A Series of Unfortunate Events Series – Books 1 – 10

38. The Beatrice Letters

39. Unbroken

40. PT 109

Unfortunately, I won’t finish reading Anna Karenina – by the end of the year, as I hoped I would – I just didn’t have the time. To be honest I haven’t even finished reading PT 109, but I will finish it before midnight, so I can truthful add it to my “Books Read in 2014” list.

40 books! I’d say that’s a good enough number, last year I read 35, so I did a little better this year. I just hope I can match or exceed those numbers, next year.

My favorite series in 2014? That would have to be A Song of Ice and Fire. There were a few things about the series that I didn’t like, mainly the language and adult content. Overall the series was very interesting, lots of characters who are slowly being killed off who you should not become attached to. With an author like George R. R. Martin, your favorite characters – or hated characters for that matter – are never safe.

My least favorite series in 2014? Oh, A Series of Unfortunate Events! Most of the characters are just so annoying! I didn’t finish reading it because I didn’t have all the books, but when I do get the rest I will read them, no matter how much I disliked it.. One does not simply start a series and not finish it.

My favorite book in 2014? Oh, that is a toss-up between Lone Survivor and Unbroken. They were both really great books!

My least favorite book in 2014? The Beatrice Letters, that is because it’s technically part the A Series of Unfortunate Events Series.

I was going to take a photo of all the books I read this year, but I honestly don’t know where some of them are, I think some are in storage.

So there you have it, my year in books along with my thoughts on some of them. Next year I will try to write a review (if I feel like it, haha) on each of the books I read as soon as I am done reading them…….well, all except political books, I have no desire to get into any kind of debate or argument, about politics, with anyone here on my blog.

I hope you all had a great 2014, I wish you all the best in 2015!

Peace and Blessings……


In the Kitchen: Sufganiyot

It’s Chanukah and I didn’t make any fried food until today – which is usually not the case, I usually make it all week-long and then feel sick at the end of the week, I don’t eat much fried food any other time.

For lunch I made some Chicken Schnitzel, I didn’t take a photo of it, don’t ask me why. And no I didn’t eat any, I’m vegetarian, remember?

This evening I made Sufganiyot, that I did take a photo of.


I made both jelly filled and plain.

I’ve made several different Sufganiyot recipes, and this is the best, by far! And I can’t even share the recipe with you all, since I got it from a book and I’m very big on observing copy right laws. But, I will tell you the name of the book 1,000 Jewish Recipes by Faye Levy, this is always my go to book when I want to make a Jewish recipe.

I’ve been making Sufganiyot for I think 4 years now, and the ones I made this year were the best! So soft! And so easy to make, I usually take forever, and today it took me in total about 45 minutes! Not long for something so delicious!

I hope all those celebrating Chanukah have enjoyed their special holiday.

Peace and Blessings……

Just Read: The Secret Garden


I finally finished reading a book! I haven’t done that since September, when I finished reading Unbroken then started reading Anna Karenina (which is quite long), I still haven’t finished reading it, but I intend to, before the year ends. I don’t like leaving books unfinished when the new year begins, and I just remembered yesterday that I still need to finish reading PT 109 (second reading), I started reading that one back in February but stopped to read the Harry Potter series, and never went back to it, regrettably.

So now I’m doing my end of the year book reading scramble! Which is kind of difficult considering I don’t have enough time as is, with my “job”, personal life, and now my shop, I don’t have much to for anything else. And to think just a few months ago I had too much time, that’s life for you. And yes, I am using valuable time writing this post, but I like to take a bit of time to either read blog posts or write them.

Alright, back to the original topic of this post, The Secret Garden. I finished it up last night, at 1:30 no less, and I still don’t know what to think of it. I mean, it was an alright read, fairly interesting, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was about, it just didn’t speak to me. My only reason for reading it was it being on a “100 Must Read Books” list. And it didn’t help that I read it after reading Anna Karenina, it took me a while to get used to the different ways of writing, actually I never did get used to it.

Would I recommend it? For young readers, I would certainly recommend it.

Now off to try to finish reading Anna Karenina.


Peace and Blessings……

P.S… Excuse the rambly-ness of this post.

New items in the shop!!

So, I’ve listed two new items in the shop. At first I dreaded having to list new things, but now I’m really starting to enjoy it.

Here are the new items!

Chunky Crochet Tulip Infinity Scarf & Hat Set

pink scarf and hat

This is actually the first scarf and hat set that I made, I don’t know why it wasn’t one of first things I listed. Anyhow, I really love the color! Wearing this set, no one is going to not notice you!

Grey Crochet Infinity Scarf

Grey scarf

I love the neat look about this scarf, it’s very me-ish!

Have you noticed that I love all my product? No, don’t just say that I love them as a sales pitch, even if it was it doesn’t seem to be working. haha! But seriously, I really do love the things I’ve listed, I don’t list things that I don’t like because why would I expect someone else to buy something I don’t even like? Hmm, maybe I should list them anyway, everyone has different tastes, after all. I’ll have to think about that some more.

On a side note, I think that later today I’ll put aside my crocheting and read a book, I’ve been neglecting that of late. I’m currently reading The Secret Garden, it’s interesting, not exciting, but interesting.

Peace and Blessings……

Now selling online!!!

After many months of thinking about selling the things I crochet, I’ve finally decide to open an online shop!! It’s very exciting!

I actually opened on Friday, but I didn’t have time to post about it. Here are a few of the items that are up for sell.

Patriotic Fingerless Gloves

DSCN4201 (2)

I wanted the first item that I added to my shop to be patriotic, why? because I’m patriotic that way. 😉

Wild Fire Chunky Crochet Infinity Scarf

fall scarf

I just absolutely love this one! It’s such a bold color!

Fiesta Chunky Crochet Infinity Scarf

greenish colored

This so wouldn’t look good on me, but the diversity of colors are just lovely!

Mimosa Chunky Crochet Infinity Scarf & Hat Set mimosa scarf

This one is just so pretty!

The Mimosa hat and scarf are also available separately.

Those are the items I’ve added, so far, will add more when possible. I’m currently only shipping to costumers living in the United States, hoping to expand that reach soon.

I also made a Facebook page for my shop. So if you all can be so kind as to “like” it,  I would really appreciate that! I just have one request, please respect the lack of identity on my Facebook page, as well as in my shop. For now, I’d like to remain incognito.

Peace and Blessings……

10 Random Facts About Me


1. I own over one thousand movies, none of which are pirated.

2. I love European accents!

3. Jim Caviezel is my favorite actor.

4. When not at home I always wear high-heeled shoes, preferably 4 plus inches.

5. Most, if not all, my clothes are in dark colors.

6. I don’t really have a favorite genre of music.

7. I’ve written all my blog posts while listening to The Last Samurai soundtrack, it helps me write.

8. I have more books about Jacqueline Kennedy than any other topic.

9. I completed 3 years as a vegetarian on November 25. It’s a bit odd that I remember the date, but when you plan to never eat meat again, you remember the last time you ate it!

10. If I was given the option to buy books or food, I’d choose books. Is that even logical?

Peace and Blessings…