My first knitted scarf!!

Here it is, my very first knitted scarf!! Yay me!! Haha!


This was done in a ribbed stitch pattern.

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how many stitches for the width I wanted, genius that I am, I didn’t use a pattern – other than that, and a bit of mistakes that I had to undo, it was very easy.

The stitches came out mostly even.



All in all, I’m very satisfied with it.

I really enjoyed knitting! I love knitting even better than crocheting, and that’s saying something, because I really love to crochet!

And speaking of crocheting, I bought this stitch guide-book on Monday.


So one of the next things I’ll be doing is working on some of these stitches.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!

Peace and Blessings……


8 thoughts on “My first knitted scarf!!

  1. I bought the exact same book at Walmart. I love needle crafts. For a long time after my mom died I could not pick up a needle. She taught me everything. Then one I was better. Now I do all needle crafts knitting, crocheting, weaving and sewing. What I do on a particular day, depends on my mood. Some day I feel like doing one other day something else. Anyway, they help me cope with this life without mom. Love to do all!

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