Knitting learned……somewhat

In my last blog post (yesterday), I said I was going to learn how to knit……again. I am pleased to announce that I have relearned………sort of.

Once I began seeing the methods, it all came back to me! I don’t know what was wrong with me earlier this year, a case of “warped-brain” I suspect.

Here is my practice piece.


It’s awful! Haha!

I started off with a few stitches of just knit stitch (garter stitch), then a few stitches of messy stitch, aka “pearl stitch”, next a “I think I’m doing a stockinette stitch” – which wasn’t too bad, followed by a “scatter-brained stitch” (this was my first attempt at creating a “ribbed stitch”), then an actual ribbed stitch (1 knit, 1 pearl), it looks more like broken ribs, haha. And ended with another ribbed stitch (2 knit, 2 pearl), it so wasn’t coming out properly. (This was described from right to left)

I was having a very difficult time with the pearl stitch, it’s very awkward, at first. I found that I prefer knitting using the “Continental” method, rather than using the “English” method. I can use both, but I have more control using the “Continental” method. “More control”? Imagine how it would look if I didn’t have control? Haha!!

All in all, learning to knit was lots of fun! I will continue practicing, because practice makes perfect!

A big THANK YOU, to Melissa Leapman, for such a comprehensible lesson!

Right now I am working on an actual knitting project, nothing fancy, but I will post when finished!

Note: Crocheting is much easier!

Oh, a question for knitters. Which needles work better, wood or aluminum? I’d imagine wood would have a bit more traction, but I’d like an experienced opinion.

On a un-related note: I watched Edge of Tomorrow, it was a great film! Tom Cruise is all sorts of cool! If you like action and sci-fi films, I highly recommend it!

Peace and Blessings……


3 thoughts on “Knitting learned……somewhat

  1. Yay! Looking good so far. As for your question about needles, it’s largely a person choice, and it depends on the yarn you’re using, too. Personally, I struggle with aluminium because it’s far too slippy for me. I like smooth wood. (I have Knitpro Symfonies. I think they’re called Knitters Pride Symfonies outside Europe.) For a really slippy yarn, slightly rougher needles are best, but for a rough yarn, smoother (metal) needles are good. You’ll also develop your preferences for how sharp you like your needles.

    Oops, sorry about the essay! Enjoy your knitting. 🙂

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