Getting Started

So, this is my first blog post.

I’m still not exactly sure what I will be blogging about, probably about books I’ve read or will read, film reviews…..maybe, my latest crocheting projects, recipes, charities, and basically whatever suites my fancy at any given time.

You will find that I am a very private person,  you really never know who is watching, after all……….ok, so maybe I’ve watched a wee bit too much Person of Interest. But hey, as Harold Finch would say “Only the paranoid survive.”

I will try to post enough about myself so that people can get to know me……well, a bit anyway, mystery is always a good thing.

If you want to learn more about me, read my “About” page.

It may seem like I’m a bit incoherent in this post or in future posts, but don’t worry (or worry), that’s the way I am, and if you stick around, you may actually get used to it……but I wouldn’t bet on it (on you getting used to it, that is, not about sticking around……….on second thought, maybe that too ;-)).

So, I hope you will continue to visit my blog, subscribe, or whatever.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Blessing…..

P.S. I baked a cake today, it was really good, so I might post the recipe for it, tomorrow.


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